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Advice from a photographer. The top ten must haves at your wedding.

So one of my lovely 2018 brides asked me today what would be my must haves at a wedding,

surprisingly to me, she was surprised by my answer.

So I thought I'd share it with you:

1 - Love. 

2 - Laughter.

3 - Your closest friends.

5 - Positive, optimistic and calm people that make you smile.

6 - A fun loving bridal party with a sense of adventure. 

7 - Homemade personal details that reflect who you both are.

8 - A venue that means something to you as a couple.

9 - Beautiful colourful flowers designed or hand picked from a meadow,

10 - Candles, a cheese table and good music.

10.1 - A good photographer that knows the photographs are about your day and your day is not about your photographs. 

Well, that's technically 12 things but who's counting!

Bon Weekend! folks.


This wedding had all of the above. The floral design was particularly stunning, beautiful colourful blooms,

 the aroma was just lovely.

Venue: Stancliffe Hall, Derbyshire.

Floral design by the incredible Tineke Floral.

Tipi by Peak Tipi's.

Dress by Pronovias

This wedding was planned and put together by the bride as Stancliffe is her home (lucky girl)

Info on the venue contact Honeysuckle and Castle events


New Year, New Instagram, Just for New Beginnings.

Nine Years ago today this incredible wedding dress was looking at herself in the mirror and thinking...

'Yay! today is my day!' 

What a day it turned out to be. A very French affair a stunning afternoon wedding set in an alpine village, snow crisp on the ground. It feels like yesterday. 

So much has changed in the world in 9 years and I have so many beautiful wedding stories on my hard drive so I've decided to give these pictures another day of glory on a new modern pedestal. A new instagram account just for the wedding adventures I have captured over the years. @pollysdynamicweddingpics take a look, incredible venues, florists, dresses and love stories. 


A proud father of the bride and the bride arriving at church... oh yes and that dress!

Happy Anniversary to Duncan and Helen, I hope you are drinking Champagne in the snow! 






Cheers to a new year, new adventures, new projects.

Cheers to a new year, new adventures, new projects and all the beautiful independent businesses out there!

A new year is always a good time to reflect on things gone by but most excitingly it’s a time to look forward to new adventures. So I thank all of my clients, followers and friends that supported me and enjoyed my work in 2017 and I pledge to you that 2018 is going to be an exciting year of pictures and adventures with many wonderful projects and events to photograph already in the calendar. 

2018 is my year of the independents. A year to visit & photograph more places loved and developed by those that own and run them. To frequent and support all those freethinking, individualistic, unconventional, mavericks trying to bring something great into our lives!! 

With this in mind I began 2018 with a little visit to my friends at Rothay Manor Hotel, Ambleside. They are currently closed until the 19th January to rip out the past and renovate several of their hotel bedrooms. They have made so many improvements since they took ownership of the hotel only 21 months ago. Not least with the introduction of top Chef Dan McGeorge. The food is Soooooo tasty and always a joy to photograph.

It’s been lovely to document their journey! They inspire me with their hard work, determination and style. This renovation is going to be pure luxury. I was so excited to see them uncovering original features like this stunning fire place which will enhance the hotels country charm. I can not wait to see the finished rooms in a couple of weeks! 

Good luck to them and to all the other adventurous folks embarking on the new this year!

©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5362©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5362 ©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5349©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5349 ©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5338©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5338 ©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5369©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5369 ©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5373©PollyABaldwin_PAB_5373


Snowed in...

There is nothing like a black labrador on a grey snowy day... 


International Mountain Day

Today is International mountain day.  Those that know me well know I was a ski and mountain photographer in the French Alps for 9 years so this time of year I always miss the mountains They are absolutely my favourite place to be. There is no feeling like being in the mountains they are a wondrous place and well deserving of a international day of honour!  You can check out this section of my website to see more beautiful mountain shots: http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/p1023355641

PAB_0976PAB_0976 IMG_5801IMG_5801 PAB_0969PAB_0969 IMG_1191IMG_1191 IMG_1184IMG_1184

When Santa went to stay at Rothay Manor Hotel, Ambleside.

When Santa went to stay at Rothay Manor Hotel, 'Twas the season to be jolly, Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

I blooming love December for so many reasons, mainly because it gives me an excuse to sing loudly out of tune! However one of the most exciting December treats for me is that I get to reveal all the wonderful festive photo shoots I have worked on throughout the year. This year I got to meet the big man, Santa, when he went to stay at Rothay Manor Hotel in Cumbria. He wanted some rest and recuperation and delicious fine dining before his busy winter and we took the opportunity to grab some shots of him around the hotel for their Festive Season brochure. 

RothayManorJune17_0037_PB1_2677When Santa Stayed at Rothay Manor HotelWhen Santa Stayed at Rothay Manor Hotel


For most people Christmas comes once a year but for professional photographers it’s Christmas nearly every month. It’s so nice to work with my commercial clients throughout the year, building a relationship with them to help develop their brands. Christmas photo shoots are always a giddy and festive affair whatever the time of year. There is something about Christmas that makes us all feel like children.

Working with my friends at the Rothay Manor Hotel, Ambleside is always fun. It’s such a lovely hotel to spend time in and the food is always sublime. It’s so great to visit every month and see the developments they have made to their hotel and fine dining restaurant. Working with them on this festive photo shoot was a real giggle, although I am not sure Santa loved having his full regalia on in June.

Take a look the finished brochure put together by Jenna at the hotel, it looks so great you would be mad not to visit! 


Festive_Commercial_Photography_by_PollyABaldwinFestive Commercial Photography by PollyABaldwin

Knowing why you are taking a picture is half way to knowing how to make it beautiful.


This weekend I met this little girl a perfect organically grown baby made by two of my favourite people. She filled my heart full of love so I couldn’t resist making a few pictures of her, because that is what I do and who I am, if I feel something I make a picture of it. 

We are all guilty of taking too many pictures and video’s reaching for the phone camera automatically without taking in the moment we are in, often missing out on the real experience. I find this sad. The art of photography for me has always been about capturing and living the whole experience. These days, for many, the experience is lost in the capturing of it. 

So take your time, consider how you feel in the moment then make your picture. Don’t take the picture then consider how you felt or you will only remember the click, the so called 'Kodak moment' and not the experience you were having that prompted you to make the picture.

Knowing why you are taking a picture is half way to knowing how to make it beautiful. 

Happy Snappy Thursday Everyone

Polly xx 


Labrador Christmas Mayhem - a Christmas card photoshoot.

WHa-hooo... It's December and we can now officially talk about Christmas. So time to reveal what happens when you bring a Christmas tree, five labrador puppies, an amazing event space and my camera together. 

Here are some of the final edits from the wonderous Christmas photo shoot from way back in March this year.

My gorgeous Labrador 'Beaufort', and her family of puppies visited one of the north's most creative photoshoot and event spaces, The Chimney House in Sheffield. A big thank you to the girls at the Chimney House. They are always so hospitable and helpful and I really needed their help on this day as it was Mayhem!! My excitable pack of 5 puppies were all on their first outing away from the kennel. So as you can imagine it was a little bit hectic. 

It was the perfect way to celebrate my Birthday what a laugh we had. We were all completely exhausted afterwards particularly Beaufort. 

You can purchase my Christmas cards from my Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DynamicPictures

PB1_0945PB1_0945Labradorable Christmas PB1_0945PB1_0945Labradorable Christmas PB1_0945PB1_0945Labradorable Christmas PB1_0945PB1_0945Labradorable Christmas

You can view the other shots from the photo shoot here: http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/p663609287


Happy Christmas to you all, Love prints, go old school, do the small things with love and send a card!!

Best wishes

Polly x

Yorkshire Life... Shopping Local at Beadlam Grange Farm Shop.

One of the best things about Yorkshire life is the abundance of local food producers we have on our doorstop. The award winning Beadlam Grange Farm shop, near Helmsley, is one of my favourites. Producing their own top quality meat for both the shop and their cafe. It was a pleasure to photograph some of their wonderful produce last week. The counter is full of home grown beef together with local lamb, pork and free range poultry. 

I truly believe that shopping locally for food is so important for our health, environment and for our economy. So please this Christmas shop local, eat local, spend local, enjoy local and support the area where you live work and play! 

BeadlamGrangeMeat_4503Bedlam Grange Farm Shop BeadlamGrangeMeat_4503Bedlam Grange Farm Shop BeadlamGrangeMeat_4503Bedlam Grange Farm Shop BeadlamGrangeMeat_4665Bedlam Grange Farm Shop

You can see the rest of the images from our shoot here: http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/p955255957

Wedding Story Book Joy.

Wedding Story Books By Polly's Dynamic Pictures

EEEKKK .... So exciting to get all my summer wedding story books delivered. The last one went out last week.

This wedding was an epic occasion with all the glamour of a Hollywood movie. The Gorgeous Bride and Groom Victoria and Brandon work in the wedding event and hotel industry as a planner and chef so every detail was perfection. With the majestic setting of Stancliffe Hall in Derbyshire with the most amazing floristry I have every seen by Tineke Floral Designs. It was a super fun day will so many beautiful details to photograph it was simply gorgeous.

Now time to think about 2018... I still have 2018 and 2019 dates available. So if your planning a wedding take a look at my new website or give me a call to discuss your day!