Puppy Love & Birthday Beach Hounding.

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This time last year this legendary friend, Beaufort, had just given birth to five little bundles of fluff that really looked liked moles.

PB1_9651PB1_9651Tiered Mothership.


Well, It’s been one of life's amazing adventures and the experience really defined 2017 for me. I've been taking some time out to convaless from an illness and rebuild my life and these pups really helped my recovery. Showing me that I still had love and joy in my heart and helping me find my way back to why I’ve always taken photographs, just for the love of it, returning my work to the passion it had always been rather than just a means to making my living. I really think my work is all the better for the experience and joy they gave to my life.

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Yesterday on their birthday we took two of the pups, my Forest Bear and her brother Bertie, to Sandsend, North Yorkshire for a wondrous play and celebration on the beach. It could not have been more perfect. The dogs loved the freedom to be more dog and I got chance to have my first battered fish in two years (gluten free of course, from the take away at the wonderful Magpie in Whitby) Happy Days!

Of course a day without taking a picture or two is not a good day so I could not resist a few shots. 

©PollyABaldwin_PB1_7001©PollyABaldwin_PB1_7001 ©PollyABaldwin_PB1_7009©PollyABaldwin_PB1_7009 ©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6722©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6722 ©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6749©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6749 ©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6790©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6790 ©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6888©PollyABaldwin_PB1_6888


You can view the full gallery of yesterdays beach hounding with Bertie and his owners here: http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/p154360145


If you want to see more of the puppy’s journey from day 1 to day 265 you can see those here: http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/f532304093


Also you can buy gift cards in my Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DynamicPictures


Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Polly x


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