Good Luck at Crufts

March 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Dog-ography Beach Hounding - Good Luck at Crufts boys!


I loved this beach hounding day, at Holkham, with this pair of beautiful flat coats, father and son, both showing at Crufts on Sunday. I wish them the very best of luck! I am sure they will look amazing expertly groomed by the brilliant  The K9 Spa. Have fun boys, you'll always be champions in my eye's! 

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Polly x 

PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9273PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9273 PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9303PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9303

PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9461PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9461 PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9306PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9306 PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9398PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9398 PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9574PollyABaldwinPhotography_FlatCoats_9574



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